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PC Cleaning Sticks

Cleaning sticks for fast color changes for welding with the Drader Injectiweld

Reinigungsstäbe aus Polycarbonat

Cleaning sticks made of Polycarbonate

Save time at color change:

Especially for color change from dark and/or black to a bright color, or nature color.

Cleaning sticks for fast color change:

  • Bundle of 100 cleaning sticks
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Length: 50 cm


  • Adjust the temperatue to 285°C:
  • Compressed air pressure schould amunt to at least 6,5 bar.
  • Insert 1 piece of cleaning stick, push the new welding rod directly afterwards.*
  • Reset the temperature to the welding temperature after running of the cleaning stick.
  • When the new material appears, weld or inject as usual.

* IMPORTANT: Never run equipment without welding rod !

Plastic Welding Rod

We produce plastic-welding-rod in all colors.

Welding-Rod-SpoolsQuick Service:
You ship your resin or powder to us and we´ll produce the welding rod even in single spools.

more informations about plastic-welding-rod